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Printing using copiers DET

UPDATE: It is now possible to directly connect to the printer with no password/loging or whatsoever.

Just open the printer preference panel in your OS, browse printers, and you should see it directly.

It is based on the "CUPS" system, so it work for Unix and OSX for sure...

NOTE: only authorized IP addresses will be allows to print. If you cannot use the printer, check your IP address and contact Marco Mellia

NOTE2: It does NOT work form the WiFi network (not even if you use the VPN access).

Drivers can be downloaded from the internet. Printers are Kyocera TASKalfa 5500i [look for new versions]

Printers' names (old DET building):

prnKyocera1pS4M (1st floor, close to the main entrance)

prnKyocera1pS4I (1st floor, close to the stairs to the second floor)

prnKyocera2pS4L (2nd floor)

Information below is still valid (e.g., printer names ;))


Sono state attivate le code di stampa per poter utilizzare le multifunzione Kyocera TASKalfa 5500i come stampanti di rete.
Globalmente le code di stampa disponibili in questo momento sono:

Edificio R3 (cittadella)
\\\prnKyocera3pR3A    (3 piano zona D2)
\\\Ricoh3pianoCP              (3 piano)
\\\prnKyocera4pR3A    (4 piano zona D2)
\\\Ricoh4pianoCP              (4 piano)

Edificio S4 (sede storica)
\\\prnKyocera1pS4M (1st floor, close to the main entrance)
\\\prnKyocera1pS4I (1st floor, close to the stairs to the second floor)
\\\prnKyocera2pS4L (2nd floor)

Si ricorda che per accedere alle stampanti é necessario utilizzare le proprie credenziali istituzionali:
polito\d12345 oppure nome [dot] cognome [at] polito [dot] it (credenziali SWAS, le stesse usate per fare il login sul proprio PC windows).

Per i sistemi Windows i drivers delle multifunzione Kyocera TASKalfa 5500i saranno scaricati automaticamente dal server, mentre per i sistemi Linux si possono trovare su

Per i sistemi MAC, occorre seguire la guida