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Recently, a new tool, called Tstat, was developed. It allows network managers and researchers to gather important information about classic and novel performance indices and statistical data about Internet traffic, derived from trace analisys performed on a edge node.




Polisave turns on and off the PCs at our university.



Host Qs

Host Qs is an Open Source project for the development of an 802.11 Open Source access point with support for QoS. Developed in the framework of a collaboration between CSP (INLAB) and the Networks Group at Politecnico, the project is based on the Host AP Open Source driver. Host AP is the way to make an host act as an access point. It is built using a wireless card based on Intersil Prism2 chipset. Its firmware supports a so called "Host AP" mode in which firmware takes care of time critical tasks leaving other management tasks to host computer driver. In this way it is possible to use Host AP Linux driver which implements all required access point features.


DiaNa is an open source software developed to deal with huge amount of data, performing from very easy to very complex tasks in a very efficient way. You can discover something about DiaNa by reading a brief overview or a short presentation and by taking a look to some screenshots of the graphical user interface. Finally, you may be interested in a detailed tutorial, which is anyway provided in the standard distribution. Don't forget to go to the download page and to check the software requirements

Diana - the home page


Class and Ancles

The Networks Group has a considerable experience in developing simulators for several types of high-speed networks. Among the most prominent results are two packages for the simulation of ATM networks at two different time scales: call-level and cell-level.
The simulators, respectively named ANCLES and CLASS, were developed in cooperation with CSELT (Telecom Italia Research and Development Laboratories).

The software can be obtained, free-of-charge and for research purpose only, by Universities and Research Centers (details will follow). The distributions includes User's Manuals.



A new simulator is under development in our Group.
UPS3 is a 3G mobile network simulator developed in co-operation and under contract with Omnitel-Vodafone.



WetMo is a module for Network Simulator (ns-2.1b8a) that allows the simulation of web traffic with flows of different lengths exchanged among clients and servers



GenTraGen is a client/server TCP syntetic traffic generator, used to perform measurements over 802.11 links. See this paper for a possible description.