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How to reach us

Tourist information on Torino: click here

POLITECNICO LOCATION: click here (useful links are just below the "MAIN CAMPUS" title bar) or on Google map

OUR OFFICES: on Google mapthe closest Politecnico entrance, located in Montevecchio 71, Torino. The entrace in on the first floor, close to the evelator.

Trains arrive at the stations of Torino Porta Nuova (the principal) and Torino Porta Susa.

  • From Porta Nuova:
    • On foot: exit the station on the left side and cross the street (via Sacchi) to its right side, under the arcade. Go straight on till you reach the T junction with corso Stati Uniti and turn right into this street. The third major crossroad is corso Duca degli Abruzzi, where you turn left. Approximately 100 meters into this street, you will find the main entrance to the Politecnico on the right. About 15 mins of walking distance.
    • By taxi: exiting the station on the left side, you will find the taxi ranks. About 5 mins of driving.
    • By bus: proceeding as for "on foot", you will find the bus stop of No. 58 or 58/ in Stati Uniti, just after via San Secondo. The fourth stop of this bus lines leaves you at the main entrance to the Politecnico in corso Duca degli Abruzzi. About 5 min of raiding.
  • From Porta Susa:
    • On foot: exiting the station, you will find yourself in piazza XVIII Dicembre. Go straight on directly in front of you (via Cernaia) and at the first major crossroad turn right into corso Vinzaglio. After approximately one kilometer, corso Vinzaglio becomes corso Duca degli Abruzzi. The Politecnico is situated not far beyond the junction with corso Stati Uniti, on the right hand side of corso Duca degli Abruzzi. About 10 min of walking distance.
    • By taxi: exiting Porta Susa Station, you will see the taxi ranks. About 5 minor driving.
    • By bus: exiting the station, you will find a city bus stop at your left. Take the No. 10 line that goes towards via Cernaia (or alternatively the tram No. 10 that runs to the right). Getting off at the third stop leaves you at the main entrance to the Politecnico. About 5 min of raiding.

The "Sandro Pertini" Airport (Caselle) has links with the city center via an Airport Shuttle whose terminus is next to the principal railway station of Porta Nuova (corner of via Sacchi and corso Vittorio Emanuele), which is very close to all the best western hotels listed in the previous page. Please, have a look at airport web page for more informations.
Here is a page about BUS transportation from/to the airport and about about transportation in general.
Please, there is also a train service, but it is actually limited to an intermediate station which makes this service very uncomfortable.

People offices are located at the old building of the Electronic and Telecommunication Department. The main entrance is at the first floor of the same building. From the main entrance of Duca degli Abruzzi 24,

  • Enter the corridor on your right by crossing a windowed door,
  • Then follow the big corridor on your left, passing classroom 2,4 and 6.
  • At the end of the corridor, make a right and go straight up to the end of the main corridor, passing classroom 8, 10. Continue by a smaller corridor until you get in front of a wall. Follow the corridor passing close to classroom 12.
  • After a green door, there are two elevators and a stair. Go up to the first floor, where you can find the main entrance of the Electronic Department.
  • Use the phone to dial the number of the person you wish to contact.

Below is a map. Large corridors are highlighted in yellow, and the red circle shows you the stair to the main entrance.

DET entrance