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Group meeting talks


Date Speaker Title
 20/01/2018 Juan Nehuen Gonzalez Montoro (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) Flexible regeneration on Elastic Optical Networks (EONs)
 06/12/2017 Luca Vassio Mining and Modeling Web Trajectories from Passive Traces
 06/12/2017 Martino Trevisan Automatic Detection of DNS Manipulations
 09/10/2017 Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi (Università Roma Tor Vergata) Programmable data planes for SDN
 05/09/2017 Prof. Lorenzo De Carli (Colorado State University) Automatic Inference of Malware Protocol Specifications
 28/07/2017 Marco Malinverno Characterizing Docker Overhead in Mobile Edge Computing Scenarios
 13/07/2017 Christian Vitale Analytical characterization of in-band and out-band D2D communications for network access
 06/07/2017 Evgenia Christoforou Achieving Reliability in Online Task Computing Environments
 29/06/2017 Abubakar Siddique Muqaddas On the importance of time-synchronized operations in software-defined electronic and optical networks
 29/06/2017 Miquel Garrich Investigating SDN Programmability Improving optical South- and North- bound Interfaces
 22/06/2017 Waqar Hassan Virtual induction loops using smartphones for urban traffic control systems
 22/06/2017 Prof. Ruggero Pensa (UNITO) Privacy Self-Assessment in Online Social Networks
 08/06/2017 Prof. Alessandro Rizzo Network science and data-driven approaches to model, control, and optimize complex systems
 08/06/2017 Ali Safari Adaptive Schedulers for Deadline-Constrained Content Upload from Mobile Multihomed Vehicles
 16/05/2017 Stavros Ntalampiras (CNR) Model-free fault diagnosis for large scale cyber physical systems
 11/05/2017 Tianzhu Zhang On-the-fly Traffic Classification and Control with a Stateful SDN approach
 06/04/2017 Juan A. Fraire (Tima Laboratories, France) Route determination procedures for space-oriented delay/disruption tolerant networks
 23/03/2017 Leonardo Giannantoni Development of algorithms and tools for classification of biological data using non-coding RNAs
 16/03/2017 Miquel Garrich Exploiting Time-Synchronized Operations in Software-defined Elastic Optical Networks
 22/02/2017 Nehuén Gonzalez Montoro (Univ. National de Cordoba, Argentina) A Multiple-Link Failures Enumeration Approach for Availability Analysis on Partially Disjoint Paths
 21/12/2016 Danilo Giordano BGPStream: A Software Framework for Live and Historical BGP Data Analysis
 19/11/2016 Prof. Jorge Finochietto (Univ. National de Cordoba, Argentina) Contact Plan Design for Disruption-Tolerant Satellite Networks
 19/10/2016 Prof. Marco Canini (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) Scalable Streaming Analytics for Network Monitoring
 27/09/2016 Yufeng Duan An implementation of QUIC protocol on Click Modular Router with DPDK
 20/09/2016 Miquel Garrich The Autonomous Network project: R&D Activities of SDN in Optical Networks
 06/09/2016 Prof. Reza Rejaie (University of Oregon) Inferring Coarse Views of Connectivity in Very Large Graphs
 02/09/2016 Luca Vassio Detecting User Actions from HTTP Traces: Toward an Automatic Approach
 02/09/2016 Martino Trevisan Towards Web Service Classification using Addresses and DNS
 26/07/2016 Prof. Andrea Fumagalli (University of Texas) PROnet: A PRogrammable Optical Network Prototype
 19/07/2016 Prof. Reza Rejaie (University of Oregon) On the Geography of X-Connects
 19/07/2016 Abubakar Siddique Muqaddas  Inter-controller Traffic in ONOS Clusters for SDN Networks
 12/07/2016 Martino Trevisan WHAT: Automatic Accounting of Modern Web Services
 04/07/2016 Sofie Lambert (INTEC - Gent, Belgium) Post-Peak ICT: Graceful Degradation for Communication Networks in an Energy Constrained Future
 28/06/2016 Prof. Reza Rejaie (University of Oregon) Overview of Current Projects at the Oregon Network Research Group (ONRG)
 28/06/2016 Dr. Francesco Malandrino The Price of Fog: a Data-Driven Study on Caching Architectures in Vehicular Networks
 21/06/2016 Dr. Stefano Traverso CrowdSurf: Empowering Informed Choices in the Web
 14/06/2016 Prof. Michele Garetto (Università di Torino) Generalized Threshold-Based Epidemics in Random Graphs: the Power of Extreme Values
 07/06/2016 Reza Mashayekhi Energy Consumption for Data Distribution in Content Delivery Networks
 05/04/2016 Olav Lysne (SIMULA) Trust, but Verify;  Can Equipment from Untrusted Vendors be Verified?
 05/04/2016 Ali Safari Delay Tolerant Video Upload from Mobile Vehicles